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Server Fault - Maintenance


For the last 2 days we have experianced random crashes on the linux TCAdmin master server.

The reason is believed to be a hardware related issue:


Purpose of this maintenance is to put the server into "isolation" mode so i can run some hardware diagnostics and make repairs if needed.

ETA of downtime:
1 Hour whilst diagnostics are being run

Sorry for disrupting your services.

Kind Regards

Jack Fletcher
SimplyFrag.co.uk CEO

ProgressUpdate - Completed - Servers will be back up in 10 minutes


Processors test: Test successfully finished

HDD CHECK: NO Faults Detected

NETWORK CHECK: No Faults Detected

RAM CHECK: Passed All Tests

Current limits:
  RLIMIT_RSS  0xffffffff
  RLIMIT_VMEM  0x10000
Raising limits...
Allocated 2391801856 bytes...trying mlock...success.  Starting tests...

Testing 2391797760 bytes at 0x68d5f000 (4088 bytes lost to page alignment).

Run    1:
  Test  1:         Stuck Address:  Setting...Passed.
  Test  2:          Random value:  Setting...Testing...Passed.
  Test  3:        XOR comparison:  Setting...Testing...Passed.
  Test  4:        SUB comparison:  Setting...Testing...Passed.
  Test  5:        MUL comparison:  Setting...Testing...Passed.
  Test  6:        DIV comparison:  Setting...Testing...Passed.
  Test  7:         OR comparison:  Setting...Testing...Passed.
  Test  8:        AND comparison:  Setting...Testing...Passed.
  Test  9:  Sequential Increment:  Setting...Testing...Passed.
  Test 10:            Solid Bits:  Setting...Passed.
  Test 11:      Block Sequential:  Setting...Passed.
  Test 12:          Checkerboard:  Setting...Passed.
  Test 13:            Bit Spread:  Setting...Passed.
  Test 14:              Bit Flip:  Setting...Passed.
  Test 15:          Walking Ones:  Setting...Passed.
  Test 16:        Walking Zeroes:  Setting...Passed.
Run    1 completed in 1364 seconds (0 tests showed errors).
munlock'ed memory.
1 runs completed.  0 errors detected.  Total runtime:  1364 seconds.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

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